Is is totally terrible that I felt completely vindicated when I read the news that Community was going on a several month hiatus?? Because I did. As I posted several weeks ago here, I had pretty much given up on trying to make myself like Community. Joel is just a rude person now, not funny or likable (like I know Joel can be!!!), and the rest of the cast is just “meh.”

Despite the fact that several people I know claim that it is one of their favorite shows and that it is just oh-so-funny, I resisted the peer pressure to like the show, even though I was starting to think maybe I was the weirdo for not liking it.

Alas, this is not so!!!! Vindicated!!!! NBC has put the show on a mid-season hiatus to last until spring (or until they actually start being funny again and stop trying to be weird.)

Community is no longer even recording on my DVR. Dunzo.

Movie Monday

I watched a lot of movies this weekend. Let’s get started:

The American with George Clooney. Snooze fest. It is about George Clooney, an American underground-type gun maker for assassins. And maybe an assassin himself? The first scene of the movie was the best scene of the whole movie (George shot his girlfriend in cold blood). After that, it all went downhill into a story that I didnt really care about.

Finally watched Winter’s Bone!!! I think I had built this movie up in my head too much, because it had been recommended to me as “disturbing” and “very creepy.” Now, was it a good movie? Yes. Was it overwhelmingly creepy or disturbing to me? Not at all. Does this mean I am just completely cold-hearted and desensitized? Maybe. But, really, it just was a story. And any episode of Intervention is WAY more disturbing to me than this movie was. But like I said, it was a good movie. A definite rental.

Twilight 2 and 3–whatever they are. Eclipse and New Moon, maybe? OMG. Never watch these 2 movies back to back, unless you want to torture yourself! Seriously, nothing happens in either movie. Same thing over and over again. Bella: “Make me a vampire. I love you, I cant live without you!” Edward: ” I cant, I wont do that too you, but I love you too. So maybe I will.” Jacob: “I dont wear a shirt. Ever.” THE END.

Tweener Stuff

90210 has some major things going on right now. 1) Dixson is addicted to ritalin. I love this storyline because it came on so quickly, didnt it? First, he was mixing tunes, the next, he had access to all of this ritalin. And when the girls figured out that he was “lashing out” at Annie because he was still using? Classic Intervention time right there. 2) Annie is now knowingly prostituting herself for money. Yes, it is a good cause (Dixson has to go to rehab!), but she hates herself for it, and I cant help but wonder if maybe she will sink into a black hole of drug addiction after she sells herself. I do wonder how many girls this happens to… having been accused of being a gold digger a few times myself (as a freaking teenager! SOOO hilarious. Thanks for the stuffed animals and knock-off sunglasses, high school boyfriends!) I wonder how many girls just need some money, see a rich guy, date him to get what they want even though they really dont care about the dude. So, Annie, I guess what I am saying is…go for it?? Hahahaha 3) How in the freaking world did Silver “accidentally” send that video to her boss? Biggest mistake ever, and, seriously, if she knew how delicate that video was, you would think she would have taken more care in what attachments she was sending around. I am glad she told him that it was her right away, though. 4) Race car driving is so lame. Liam is NO Chase Crawford.

I am so hoping that Charlie gets caught on Gossip Girl. I really cant wait for the day when she is busted and her real self exposed. It really weirds me out that Elizabeth Hurley is now sort of a regular on GG. I mean, no offense GG, but doesnt she have better things to do? Maybe not, I guess. And PLEASE let Blair and Chuck be together for another brief minute! I am sick of Louis and his family and they need to be gone.

And, now, what I am looking forward to almost as much as my NEW tv for my bedroom, Teen Mom 2 Season 2. December 6.

Jogging is the Worst

I absolutely loved in Parks and Rec this week when Rashida Jones says to Rob Lowe, “Jogging is the worst. I know it keeps you healthy, but at what cost?!” So true, Rashida. I completely agree. And reading Rob Lowe’s book only makes me like him even more. Seriously, it’s almost unhealthy how much I am into him right now.

Finally, we got an up-to-par episode of It’s Always Sunny this season! This last week where they were stuck in the house for the entire episode (a house they broke into) and then they all just walked out at the end? Hilarious. And, thanks to some research done by fellow Sunny fans, I finally know why Mac is so fat…read on here.I respect that.

And, if you like Sunny, and you aren’t already watching The League, you must do so immediately. Get through the first season, and it is worth it. The first season, as so many first seasons are, is just so-so. After that, it is freaking hilarious and at this point, it is one of the funniest show that I watch.

Spoiler Alert: Zombies in the barn on Walking Dead?! What?!! I think maybe the old doctor is trying to come up with a vaccine. Why else would he keep the zombies there? And now they are all wound up and wanting to get out! But, seriously, how long are they going to look for that girl? I understand that if you are her parent, you want to continue looking–but do you really expect EVERYONE else to continue to look? I dont think so.

And, yes, I am halfway through True Hollywood Story: Casey Anthony. It is good.

Oh, one more thing: Finished watching Up in the Air I was so mad and sad for George Clooney. The lady is a jerk! Pretty good flick though, but very slow moving (as I said yesterday). Not the best, but also not the worst since I actually finished it and didnt fall asleep. I give it a 6.5 or 7. Could have maybe been a 7 or 7.5, but I like happy movies!

Movie Monday

I watched 2 movies this weekend…one has been sitting on my DVR for a few months now, and I finally just got around to watching it.

It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. Now, I love Alex Baldwin. Meryl doesnt bother me either–LOVED her in Confessions of a Shopaholic!! This movie was ok. Just OK, though. It actually just made me sad for divorced families. The movie is about Meryl and Alec–divorced from each other for several years–and now Alec wants Meryl back even though he is re-married to a much younger woman. So then, Meryl becomes the “other” woman with her ex-husband. It was sort of sad because Alec realized, after all was said and done, he missed his kids and having his whole family “together.” And, he realized, once you make it out of the tough years of being poor, being too busy with work, being too busy with kids and tired, life isnt so bad. He wished he would have just toughed it out instead of divorcing (or at least that is what I took from it.) How insightful of me! Overall, so-so movie.

The next was one of my all-time favorite movies that just happened to be on TV yesterday… Cruel Intentions. I seriously still love this movie just as much as I did when I first saw it. Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon are soooo young, I love it! And the last scene with Reese driving off in Ryan’s car? Classic!!!!

Just remembered we also go mostly done with Up in the Air with George Clooney. I ended up turning it off so I could go to sleep, so I cant really judge since I didnt see the ending. It was a very slow, low action movie. For some reason, it didnt bother me in that way though. Even though we watched 1 1/2 hours of it, I am not really sure what it is about either…

JT and JF

Foreword: I consider Justin Timberlake my first boyfriend. Love him.

We never really watch Jimmy Fallon, for no other reason than it just comes on too late. What time is it on anyway? We do sometimes randomly catch it. So how awesome was it that the last TWO times we have accidentally caught Jimmy Fallon on tv, it was the episodes where Justin Timberlake was a guest?! AMAH-ZING! (Destiny?!)

Really, if you havent seen the entire interview from the most recent time JT was a guest on the show (a few weeks ago), you should watch the whole thing. They are hilarious together. In a silly way, but so fun to watch.

Here is what they really like to do together (this is part I of a 3 part thing that JT has done each time he is on the show). How awesome is JT? Jimmy isnt too shabby either!

The Best of the Best

New Girl and 2 Broke Girls (along with Suburgatory) are the best new shows that I picked up this season. (Suburgatory being #1, 2 Broke Girls at #2, and New Girl at #3)

The last 2 episodes of New Girl have been the best of the season yet. I am super glad that Jess toned it down a little bit and didnt try SO hard to be dorky. Now she is just regular dorky, which doesnt bother me at all. My favorite part of this week’s episode is when Jess was fighting with her friend, and she said called her a Biyatch (but used the real word) and then she just started laughing. Hilarious. Sounds really lame when I type it out. Are they really going to let her and her roommate get together? Not sure how I feel about that.

Also started the new season of Top Chef Texas. I was worried that Top Chef had lots its steam for me, because I just cannot get into Top Chef Desserts…but I concluded that Top Chef Desserts is just plain LAME, and Top Chef is still awesome. I think it has to do with Padma and Tom and Gail. LOVE THEM!! Anyway, in the first episode, did you notice the guy whose name is Tyler, but he spells it “Ty-Lor” with those douchey marks above the o? Who uses those anyway? LAME!. Still pronounced Tyler, with or without the hyphen, and with or without that mark above the o. AJ saw that and exclaimed “What a D*&$!” (excuse his French). Priceless comedy right there.